DI resin exchange and carbon services

Deionization and carbon filtration services

Pure Flow provides exchange services for both DI water ion exchange vessels and carbon media filtration vessels, as well as rebed services for carbon and other medias incorporated into high purity water systems.

Service deionization (SDI)

Pure Flow offers DI resin exchange services to assist our customers in production of DI water. Service deionization (SDI) provides a safe, convenient & cost-effective supply of high purity DI water.

Our team operates multiple ion exchange resin regeneration plants in the Northeast US, allowing extreme quality control for customer-specific resin regeneration requirements.

Carbon filtration

Carbon filtration is a prominent technology for the removal of chlorine and chloramines from water. Our carbon filters products, carbon exchange tank services, and carbon rebedding services can be customized to meet your facility’s requirements. Our service technicians perform onsite rebeds and deliver carbon exchange vessels for facilities throughout New England.

Carbon media must be renewed periodically, as carbon becomes exhausted and loses its ability to remove chlorine/chloramines. Our re-bedding and exchange vessel services assist in preventing chlorine breakthrough.

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We are a tested team of high purity water experts devoted to supporting critical high purity water systems at facilities throughout New England.

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