Two AAMI TIR 34 Central Sterile High Purity Water Solutions

Problem: A provider of rental central sterile solutions for hospitals and surgical centers across the United States wanted to install high purity water systems meeting AAMI TIR 34 recommendations in two separate mobile units. Key water quality requirements were as follows:

-      < 10 uS conductivity

-      < 10 CFU/ml bacteria

-      < 10 EU/ml endotoxin

Solution: Pure Flow designed high purity water systems that would meet AAMI TIR 34 recommendations by upgrading pre-packaged AmeriWater HCRO series central sterile RO systems. The systems include the following components:

-Water softener

-Cartridge pre-filtration and carbon blocks

-AmeriWater RO2 Reverse Osmosis

-0.2 micron absolute endotoxin filters on the recirculating loop

- 254nm UV on the recirculating loop

- Thornton online conductivity monitoring

Units were skid-mounted and pre-piped at our facility in New Hampshire and were designed to minimize skid weight per customer specifications.