RO Pretreatment + Lab Polisher for ASTM Type 1 Water at BioTech Facility

Problem: A New England BioTech research facility required two separate systems: one capable of providing RO water for glassware rinsing applications and another providing ASTM Type 1a water for lab applications. Peak flow rates for the lab ASTM Type 1a application were estimated to be around 0.5 L/min. Bacteria on the RO system was also a key concern. Clearly bacteria and endotoxin were of paramount importance on the ASTM Type 1a system. The facility also required online TOC monitoring for the lab water system.

Solution: Pure Flow worked with two of its key suppliers to design a system meeting requirements for both the glassware rinsing and lab water application. An AmeriWater RO2 system was selected to provide recirculating RO water with 254 nm UV from Viqua on the loop for bacteria reduction. A drop from the small loop would feed a lab polisher with online TOC monitoring, 185 and 254 nm UV, and a sterile final filter.

By working with two of the highest quality pre-engineered equipment suppliers in the industry Pure Flow was able to meet the tight turnaround time required for the project. Ongoing consumables spend for the lab polisher system is kept to a minimum since feed-water to the unit is RO quality. The end result is an extremely high-quality system with minimal ongoing service and consumable requirements.