2-Pass Reverse Osmosis Upgrade for Power Generation Facility

Problem: A New England power plant was experiencing degrading city feed water quality to their existing single-pass RO (reverse osmosis)/EDI (electrodeionization) set-up. With the EDI requiring > 40uS conductivity, RO permeate was consistently failing to deliver minimum EDI feed requirements despite 97%+ rejection from the RO membranes. The resulting problems included an increased spend on emergency mobile water systems and increased demand on staff to coordinate emergency services.

Solution: Pure Flow converted the existing RO into a 2-pass RO to enable the customer to run their EDI at a significantly higher feed conductivity to the first pass RO. Pure Flow’s solution included a new Suez E8 (previously GE Water)  RO and a break tank, chemical injection system, and Grundfos demand pump all added before the existing RO system.

The second-pass RO reduced feed conductivity to the EDI by 98%. The result is a more robust and reliable system that also produces higher quality EDI permeate. The power plant can now run with their EDI at all plant feed water conditions. 

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