RO/DI System for Advanced Manufacturing Firm in the Northeast

Problem: A Northeast-based advanced manufacturing firm required 60 GPM of RO and DI water to feed several proprietary applications in a few facility. The system would be fed by central softened water supply and required two separate loops: one circulating RO water, one circulating deionized (DI) water through a high temperature stainless steel loop.

Solution: Pure Flow designed a high purity water system based on two distinct water quality requirements. A GE/Suez E8 RO fed two separate storage tanks, each with a dedicated recirculation pump and post treatment. Each loop featured Aquafine UV systems for continuous disinfection at 254 nm and sub-micron Memtrex final filtration from GE/Suez. The DI loop had additional instrumentation and equipment to help meet minimum TOC (total organic carbon) requirements including ResinTech MBD 15 LTOC resin and Thornton (M800 and 5000 TOCi) online TOC and resistivity monitoring. The system functions flawlessly with minimal downtime required for service.