Northern New England-Based Light Pharmaceutical Project

Problem: A northern New England pharmaceutical manufacturer required a new high purity water loop to supply ASTM Type 1 A water at a flow rate of 20 GPM to multiple points of use within separate laboratories. Low conductivity city water supply was available for system supply.

Solution: Pure Flow designed a high purity water system that featured the following key components:

  • Multi-media filtration for sediment removal (fleck valve)
  • Carbon pre-treatment for de-chlorination (fleck valve)
  • GE E4 DLX Reverse Osmosis (rated to 5 GPM of permeate)
  • 500 Gallon storage tanks with Flowline ultrasonic level controls
  • Grundfos distribution pump
  • Aquafine SL series UV 
  • Service DI tanks
  • MarCor Fiber Flow sub-micron final filtration
  • Thornton online TOC and resistivity monitoring

The site now has a high purity water loop that consistently meets ASTM Type 1a quality requirements. Pure Flow provides planned maintenance (PM) to ensure that bacteria and endotoxin levels are contained to requirements.