Instrumentation & controls

For optimal system operating and the monitoring of essential analytics

Quality instrumentation is critical for monitoring ongoing performance in high purity water systems. Pure Flow offers both online and off-line monitoring systems for resistivity/conductivity, TOC, PH, chlorine and more.

Services provided

Pure Flow assists with the selection, installation, service, and calibration of instrumentation and controls systems integrated into high purity water systems. Pure Flow partners with the industry’s leading instrumentation and controls OEMs to offer both online and off-line monitoring systems, providing water quality data essential to critical applications.

In consultation with your facilities team, Pure Flow can provide instrumentation and controls products that meet the specific demands of your application.

Applications we support

Solutions for an array of high purity water applications

Hospital & Life Science

Pure Flow provides the highest quality instrumentation and controls technologies for hospital and life science facility high purity water systems. Pure Flow provides installation, maintenance, and calibration services for instrumentation and controls incorporated into high purity water systems that meet the strictest standards imposed by the healthcare industry.

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Biotech & Pharma

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical facilities utilize instrumentation and controls as a feature of high purity water systems incorporated into the many stages of discovery, formulation, and manufacturing. Pure Flow designs, installs, and services high purity water systems incorporating instrumentation and controls technologies to meet the most stringent USP requirements for ultrapure water.

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Food & Beverage

At food & beverage facilities throughout New England, various instrumentation and controls technologies support the strict production control vital to avoiding contamination and preventing unexpected shutdowns. Incorporated properly into your high purity water system, a well-designed suite of instrumentation and controls technologies makes your operation safer and more efficient, compliant, and sustainable at each stage of the process.

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Industrial Applications

Reliable high purity water systems incorporating industry leading instrumentation and controls technologies are vital to various industrial applications at facilities throughout New England. With the largest team of experienced high purity water service technicians in the Northeast US, we are capable of managing the significant high purity water service requirements of the region’s top facilities.

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