Reaching 18M Ohm Water Quality

Deionized water (“DI water”) is generated through the process of deionization, whereby residual total dissolved solids (TDS) are removed from water through a resin-based ion-exchange process. In the deionization process, both positively charged ions (cations) and negatively charged ions (anions) are removed from water in exchange for hydrogen and hydroxide ions, which unite to form pure water molecules.

Service deionization (SDI)

Pure Flow offers DI resin exchange services to assist our customers in production of DI water. Service deionization (SDI) provides a safe, convenient & cost-effective supply of high purity DI water.

Our team operates multiple ion exchange resin regeneration plants in the Northeast US, allowing extreme quality control for customer-specific resin regeneration requirements.

Electrodeionization (EDI)

For certain applications, electrodeionization (EDI) can be an appropriate substitute for mixed bed ion exchange vessels (SDI). EDI technology employs ion exchange membranes, electricity, and resins in a deionization process that separates dissolved ions from water.

EDI is often utilized in a polishing stage following reverse osmosis (RO). EDI is commonly encountered in pharmaceutical, electronics, and power generation applications.

Applications we support

DI solutions for an array of high purity water applications

Hospital & Life Science

Pure Flow provides the highest quality deionization technologies for hospital and life science facilities. DI serves as both a post-RO polishing stage as well as an emergency standby system. Such systems are utilized for a variety of purposes throughout hospitals, including in research, laboratory, and sterilization applications.

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Biotech & Pharma

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical facilities utilize the process of deionization as an element of high purity water systems incorporated into the many stages of discovery, formulation, and manufacturing. Pure Flow designs, installs, and services high purity water systems incorporating deionization technologies to meet the most stringent USP requirements for ultrapure water.

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Industrial Applications

Reliable high purity water systems incorporating DI water technologies are vital to various industrial applications at facilities throughout New England. With the largest team of experienced high purity water service technicians in the Northeast US, we are capable of managing the significant DI water service requirements of the region’s top facilities.

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We are a tested team of high purity water experts devoted to supporting critical high purity water systems at facilities throughout New England.

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