The Challenge

A New England-based biotech manufacturing facility was consistently running out of reverse osmosis (RO) and ultrapure water for critical processes. The site’s workhorse 150 GPM RO was running at capacity yet was still unable to keep up with the rapidly expanding water requirements from this growing facility.

As the high purity water service provider for the site, Pure Flow was approached to increase peak RO permeate flow from 150 GPM to 200 GPM. Due to space constraints on site, installing an additional RO unit was not an option for the customer. Rather, the solution was to add additional housings and membranes to the existing RO system. Adding to the challenge was a timing requirement: the upgrade had to be completed within 12 hours due to site downtime restrictions.

Our Solution

Pure Flow worked with the RO equipment OEM, Suez Water Technologies, to help model a solution. As a Suez Elite Channel Partner, Pure Flow partners with Suez Water Technologies for RO equipment, membranes, consumables and other services. Pure Flow and Suez worked together to model the future pressures, flows, and flux using a Suez tool, WinFlows, to ensure that the newly upgraded array and configuration would function appropriately given the customer’s water quality requirements.

Once the optimal RO system array was selected and approved by the customer, Pure Flow partnered with a leading regional stainless steel process piping team to complete the upgrade. The ultimate scope of work included replacing the RO pump, adding two membrane housings and membranes, and addressing significant stainless piping modifications to accommodate the increased flow. The combined teams assembled 10 expert technicians to complete the upgrades and modifications within the desired timeframe. The work was completed on time and the upgraded RO achieved the customer’s new flow and quality requirements.